It’s a Swell Blog

After finally having come to terms with Livejournal being no more, Tumblr being horrible for basically anything, and Twitter serving as a pit of random mixed up nonsense with no systemic archives or browsing system, I finally decided it’s time to make a BLOG.

I haven’t actually done any significant web design in like, a decade. The last thing I did was updating my main site with the Finders section, I think. At this point, all the HTML I know is probably obsolete. So thankfully for me, my domain provider, good olde Doteasy had a tool for installing WordPress right there. And thus I bring you! The blog! The SWELL BLOG!!!

I’m still not entirely sure what I want to use this for. I want to keep it public, so I won’t use it as a super personal diary or anything. Maybe I’ll forget I even made it after this one post. We shall see! Stay swell!!!!!!!!!!

PS: I am keeping the Hello World post for the novelty of it all.